As your Digital Twin, Ask the Agent’s Personalized, Interactive Video Q&A’s allow you to highlight your expertise and feature you as the face of your listings.

Is Ask the Agent the future of real estate communication?

Build Out Your Online Brand
Introduce yourself! Create videos to establish credibility, discuss your areas of expertise and begin developing a virtual rapport to create and cultivate warm leads. Truly connect right off the bat. Improve your marketing with personalized, interactive video, increased client service and an elevated buyer experience, 24/7.

How can Ask the Agent help me increase listings?

Ask the Agent is an agent differentiator and competitive advantage in any market. Offer your seller’s peace of mind that sales opportunities will never be missed with 24/7 communication and hands-on care regarding all buyer questions.

How do I get started?

Sign up for an account here and follow the prompts to get started! After creating your account and choosing the subscription that works best for you, you can access the Agent Dashboard at www.asktheagent.io.

How do I direct potential clients to my Property Listing Videos?

You can easily embed videos in to email and websites, link your listings in the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and share to social. You can even copy the personal QR code and add it to mailers and even lawn signs, via our QR Codes and Links.

What is the cost of Ask the Agent?

We are currently offering a FREE TRIAL with any of our pricing packages. After your trial, we charge for a 6 month or annual subscription. We have packages for solo agents, teams and brokers. Learn more on our Pricing page.

How do I upload my videos?

You can upload your Ask the Agent, Meet the Agent and Agent Broadcast videos from any computer or mobile device where saved. Videos can be taken from our in-platform recorder, a phone or a professional camera.

How do I save my Agent Intro video so I don’t have to record it every time I upload a new listing?

You can save and/or edit/update your Agent Intro video any time by logging onto your Agent Dashboard.

Is there a limit on how many listings, MTA or Broadcast videos I can upload?

There is no limit on how many videos you can upload (for listings you must be the listing agent). QR codes and links will remain FOREVER! They are evergreen and editable!

Is there a limit on how many listings, MTA or Broadcast videos I can upload?

There is no limit on how many listing videos you upload, as long as you are the listing agent. Meet the Agent and Agent Broadcast videos replace in our system each time you reload a new video, however they remain active links and QR codes FOREVER!

How does a potential buyer contact me?

Buyers have the option to “Book a Tour” and sellers have the option to “Book a Consult” and/or send a message directly to you via email, text, and your Ask the Agent mailbox. Turn potential leads into new buyers without additional work on your part!

Can I add my own questions into my videos?

Select the “Anything you’d like to add?” question. You can elaborate on any aspect of the property that would be helpful to potential buyers.

Can I post a tour of the property?

Yes! Not only can you showcase your property as a whole, you can also create specific videos flaunting different property attributes. Learn more about video ideas through our demo videos!

How do I cancel my subscription?

You have the option to cancel your subscription either within the 30-day free trial period or up to 30 days before your current paid membership renews.

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