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Introducing MEET the AGENT

Designed to help Agents seeking new listings and new buyers looking for agent representation. Buyers and Sellers now get to meet you with access to Searchable, Interactive and Personalized video presentations. A must in gaining a competitive advantage.   

Meet the Agent - Buyer Agent
Real estate professionals must assertively communicate their value to potential buyers in order to secure agreements and ensure fair compensation. With Ask the Agent, buyer agents can provide transparent and compelling information to build trust while answering many of the most commonly asked buyer questions On Demand 24/7.  By proactively educating buyers with interactive video gives you the solution on how to offer your services to large audiences that are seeking the best representation.  Ask the Agent is the right tool at the right time to successfully navigate new industry realities to your advantage while opening new doors faster and smarter giving you the competitive edge.    

Meet the Agent - Listing Agent

Adopting Ask the Agent gives you an immediate competitive advantage by modernizing your business with interactive video for unique one of a kind marketing engagement with potential sellers.  Just add Ask the Agent to any marketing channel to give more information while providing answers to commonly asked questions sellers have on their mind when considering hiring a listing agent.  Our two way communication platform makes you stand out from the crowd while giving you control on how you want your presentation to come across to any seller. Your in creative control and Ask the agent makes it easy for you to, in your own voice communicate what differentiates you plus built in calls to action to automatically generate leads with critical insights on what's most important to them, invaluable when making successful listing presentations.

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Personalized. Searchable. Interactive.

Below are the questions for the searchable database:

MEET THE AGENT - Database Questions


1. Tell me about your marketing plan. How would you market my home?

2. Can you provide examples of successful marketing campaigns  and channels you've used and implemented? 

3. How many sales have you had in the last 12 months and/or historically?

4. Can you provide testimonials/referrals from home sellers, buyers, vendors and/or suppliers?  


1. Do you specialize in certain areas? 

2. Are you licensed in multiple states?

3. Can you tell me about the types of properties you've had success with? 

4. What market(s) are you targeting? 

5. How do you help me stand out in finding my “Dream Home” meeting my criteria?

6. What tools and technology do you use for property searches?

7. What potential challenges do you foresee in the buying or selling process, and how would you address them?

8. Do you have working relationships with other agents in the area?

9. Do you have XYZ in your network? 


1. How often and when are you available?

2. Will I be working directly with you or a team?

3. What can I expect during the selling process? Please explain the steps.

4. What can I expect during the buying process? Please explain the steps.


1. Can you walk me through the typical steps of a real estate transaction?

2. How do you approach negotiations on behalf of your clients?

3. How does your contract work? 


1. How do I request a consultation?

2. What sets you apart as a Real Estate Agent?

3. Do you specialize in any specific areas of expertise? -

4. Do you have any professional certifications or designations?

5. What makes you a qualified agent to help me find my dream home?

6. Are you involved in your association or MLS?

7. Why are you passionate about real estate?

8. Do you volunteer outside of real estate? Where/Why, tell us about the organization and its mission and why it's special to you?

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