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Your Personalized Digital Open House
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2. Gain answers to commonly asked home buying questions
3. See the property come to life
4. Learn about all your listings

Digital Open House:
It’s essentially a Digital Open House that does the work for you.  Coupled with a booking engine, new potential buyers and sellers can easily schedule a consult, all while being self-qualified, with analytics, to help you better tailor your presentations. 

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Below are the questions for the searchable database:

Property Listing Questions


  1. What Is the Square Footage of the House?
  2. When Was the House Built?
  3. How Many Bedrooms and Baths?
  4. What Are the Measurements of the Bedrooms?
  5. Please Describe the Kitchen.
  6. Tell Me About the Flooring.
  7. How Big Is the Laundry Room?
  8. Are There Any Fireplaces?
  9. Is There a Separate Office?
  10. Is There Wine Storage or Special Features?
  11. Is There a Security System?


  1. How Old Is the Roof?
  2. Please Describe the Views.
  3. Please Describe the Pool.
  4. Please Describe the Backyard.
  5. How Big is the Garage?
  6. How Big Is the Lot?


  1. Please Describe the Location.
  2. Tell Me About the School District.
  3. How Much Are Utilities?


  1. Is It Furnished?
  2. Are the Appliances included?
  3. Anything else included?


  1. Is There an HOA?
  2. Is There a Home Warranty?
  3. Is the House Move in Ready?
  4. Are There Any Restrictions for Adding on to the House?
  5. What Are the Area Comps?
  6. What are the Property Taxes?
  7. Are There Any Special Seller Circumstances or Notes?
  8. How Can I Tour?
  9. Can You Recommend a Lender?


  1. How Do I Make an Offer?
  2. Is a 20% Down Payment Necessary?
  3. Can I Negotiate a Better Deal on This Home?
  4. Do I Really Need to Pay for a Home Inspection?
  5. When Is the Best Time to Buy/Sell a House?
  6. What Is My House Worth?
  7. How Long Will it Take to Sell My Home?

Lease Questions

  1. How Long is the Lease Term?
  2. What Are the Leasee Qualifications?
  3. What are the Move-in Costs?
  4. Are Any Utilities Included?
  5. Are There Any Amenities?
  6. Are Pets Allowed?
  7. Is Renter's Insurance Required?
  8. How Do I Apply?

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