Tech Enterprise

Imagine if you took your top performing agents, armed them with terabytes of knowledge about properties, communities, crime statistics, school ratings, local shopping, property taxes and so much more? Now what if those agents were available 24-7 to help an unlimited number of prospective home owners at one time? And then what if, somehow, all of those agents were able to pool their detailed memories about each and every conversation to help you detect market trends and buyer interests long before your competition? 

With Ask the Agent Enterprise, we leverage best-in-breed large language models (LLMs), customized with retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and stores of specialized data, to inform and delight even the busiest of home buyers in your market. Our real-time rendered 3D avatars can be customized for your brand and have human-like conversations that provide buyers with the exact details they’re seeking when looking for a home. You’ll have access to the full transcripts of all of these conversations and the power of AI to help you to understand what people are looking for right now. Once one of our virtual agents helps your buyers identify the communities and properties that fit best for them, we can direct them to book a showing with your agents and provide them a fact sheet that speaks directly to their interests.  

Our team spent more than a decade developing empathetic, personified interfaces to serve the healthcare, retail, financial, and other industries using traditional Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our work with those clients helped put us in the perfect spot to leverage ChatGPT mere days after it became available, and we’ve continued to integrate and customize new LLM, RAG, and other technologies to provide the most accurate, informative, and enjoyable conversations possible with AI. We take advantage of the numerous LLM models in the marketplace to automate large-scale testing and grading of conversations while working with hyper-scalers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure to offer high reliability and on-demand scalability. And our optional custom solutions mean we can build you the avatars that best represent your business and integrate your company’s partners into your experience, as well.