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Introducing the BROKER CHANNEL

Designed to help Agents seeking new listings and new buyers looking for agent representation. Buyers and Sellers now get to meet you with access to Searchable, Interactive and Personalized presentations. A must in gaining a competitive advantage.  

Record and Upload:
Your Personalized Digital Q & A - Agent Interview
Agent ProfileNews, Tips and so much more!

Share and embed with 1-Click, to any marketing channel your personalized, searchable videos, giving you the ability for potential buyers and sellers to:

1. “Interview” you before contact, anytime, 24/7
2. Learn about you and hear about your experience
3. Stay informed on market data
4. Learn home buying and selling best practices

Digital Twin:
It’s essentially a Digital Twin that does the work for you.  Coupled with a booking engine, new potential buyers and sellers can easily schedule a consult, all while being self-qualified, with analytics, to help you better tailor your presentations. 

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Personalized. Searchable. Interactive.

Below are the questions for the searchable database:

THE BROKER CHANNEL - Database Questions

1. Will I have an officeIs there E & O insurance, who pays for it?

2. Does the broker ever refer business to agents?

3. What types of properties does the brokerage specialize in?

4. What marketing strategies does the brokerage use to promote listings?

5. What support and training does the brokerage provide for agents?

6. What is the commission split and fee structure at the brokerage?

7. How does the brokerage handle conflicts between agents or with clients? (also speaks to office culture)

8. What is the process for obtaining leads or referrals at the brokerage?

9. Are there any requirements or expectations for agents in terms of sales volume or performance?

10. What services do you provide / What technology and tools does the brokerage provide for agents to use?

11. What is the company culture like at the brokerage? Every broker is different, I can expand if you need

12. What growth opportunities are available for agents within the brokerage?

13. Tell me about the marketing support?

14. Is there other supplementary staff, like PRIs there a community printer and office supplies available?

15. How is parking handled?

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